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Our team

Moodbank Aotea

Our Aotea team included Selina Tuomey, Nolwenn Lacire, Dexter Edwards, Helaina Keeley and Harry Silver

Design team

Moodbank design is lead by Vanessa Crowe. Special thanks go to Patrick Crowe Rishworth for furniture design and construction, Zac Moller for design and construction of seating, Ben Jack for digital programming, Greta Menzies for styling our photo shoot, Russel Kleyn for taking our photos, Ed Morley Hall, John Cruickshanks and Owen Kahl for painting and spatial design assistance.






Moodbank Whāngārei was produced by Vanessa Crowe and bought to Whāngārei by Together Tahi, Ash Holwell and Matt Keene.


Moodbank Aotea was produced by Vanessa Crowe with support and funding from Digital Arts Live and the Aotea Centre.

Moodbank Wynyard was produced by Vanessa Crowe with support and funding from Letting Space and the assistance of Waterfront Auckland.

Moodbank Wellington was produced and developed by Vanessa Crowe and Sarah Elise Baker, with funding support from Victoria University, The Public Art Fund and Urban Dream Brokerage.



Moodbank Wynyard

Thanks to production support from Letting Space, Mark Amery, Harry SIlver and Nolwenn Lacire, Auckland Waterfront Place Programme Coordinator Marieke Numan and the Wynyard Quarter kiosk manager and volunteers and Moodmanager consultation by Selina Tuomey. 

Moodbank Publication

The Moodbank publication includes contributions from Vanessa Crowe, Sarah Baker, Sophie Jerram, Mark Amery and Meredith Leigh Crowe. 

Moodbank Whāngārei

Thank you to Together Tahi, Ash Holwell and Matt Keene from bring Moodbank to Whāngārei

Moodbank Wellington

Our Wellington team included Selina Tuomey, Julia Truscott, Regan Roberts, Kathleen Kuehn, Riki Singleton, Tanya Barrington, Clementine  Smart, Jayden Hamilton, Tina Pope, Zara Fong, Rochelle Harris, Katie Ro, and Rachel Gannaway.

Host the Moodbank ATM

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