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In our busy lives banking is often completed online and at ATM machines. Banks have also recently become interested in digitally recording and quantifying our emotions.  Our Moodbank ATM and online banking services mimic and subvert this process by collecting data and visualising trends.  The ATM offers users over 1000 different moods to deposit, validates all moods rather than just those that are deemed valuable in consumer culture while exploring the potentials and pitfalls of digital connectivity and the role machines now play in our sharing of feelings and experiences.

The ATM service had been situated in different parts of New Zealand, make visible the diverse complexity of people's experiences. 

Moodbank Whangarei

Bought to Whangarei by Together Tahi, Moodbank Whangarei has sparked national and international media attention.

Moodbank Aotea

From May - July 2016 Moodbank Aotea offered the ATM service at the Aotea Centre in the BOX cafe.  Users can deposit their mood and then head down stairs to view mood trends on the Digital Arts Live screen. 

Moodbank Wynyard

From March - May 2015 public art producers Letting Space and Auckland Waterfront bought the Moodbank ATM to Auckland's waterfront. Moodbank Wynyard was hosted by Wynyard Quarter information kiosk. 

Moodbank Wellington 

In March 2014,  the Wellington Moodbank branch opened on Manners Street, in the old ASB building.  Our Moodbank branch offered visitors an opportunity to reflect on their mood in an analogue format. Upon visiting to our bank users were provided with coloured pencils and deposit slips to express how they felt in a raw and simple way. Users could express any mood and/or any combination of moods no matter how messy or hard to define. In the ten days that our branch was open over 2000 deposits were made.

The Moodbank ATM also visited different sites around the city.

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